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Hotel de Genève - Saint Lazare


Night of Reading, 3rd edition

On Saturday, January 19, librarians and booksellers will be at night! And perhaps you too if, like 360,000 other people, you take part in the 3rd Reading Night. Organized by the Ministry of Culture, this national event celebrates the book in a fun and festive way. Why not take advantage of your stay to go and open the doors of Parisian libraries and bookstores?
Get ready: the festivities start in the afternoon and continue well into the evening. Musical, pyjama or flashlight reading, theatre performances, exhibitions, film screenings, book and reading games, writing workshops, conferences, literary tastings, meetings with writers... On January 19, the pleasure of reading comes in a thousand and one ways.
In Paris, as everywhere in France, there are many places waiting for you to discover their paper and digital collections. Whether you are a keen or occasional reader, walk the streets of the capital and join in the activities on offer. Because this Night of Reading is for everyone, children, teenagers, adults, readers of novels, comics, manga, blogs, press, and even non-readers! The major challenge of this 3rd edition of the Nuit de la lecture is to attract to libraries and bookstores all those who do not usually frequent them.
The aim of this event is to unite the French around the pleasure of reading. But also, to gather audiences to share, exchange, discover around the book in all its forms. A good way to break the clichés: who said that reading was a solitary activity?
With the Hôtel de Genève, stay in Paris under the sign of reading!

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